Live Scoring results are provisional until after the Event always check posted scores at the event before leaving. Do not expect for any changes to be made to results if you do not present to the office in person and speak to the Officials.
CLASS Dressage Showjumping Cross Country Cross Country Fence Analysis
CC1 4* S  CCI4  CCI4  CCI4  CCI4
CC1 3* S  CCI3  CCI3  CCI3  CCI3
CC1 2* S  CCI2  CCI2  CCI2  CCI2
CCN 1* S  CCN1  CCN1  CCN1  CCN1
EvA95 A  EvA95a  EvA95a  EvA95a  EvA95
EvA95 B  EvA95b  EvA95b  EvA95b  EvA95
EvA80 A  EvA80a  Eva80a  EvA80a  EvA80a
EvA80 B  EvA80b  EvA80b  EvA80b  EvA80b
EvQ60 A  EvQ60a  EvQ60a  EvQ60a  EvQ60
EvQ60 B  EvQ60b  EvQ60b  EvQ60b  EvQ60